How to Print Screen Windows 10 with Keyboard Shortcuts

How to Print Screen Windows 10 with Keyboard Shortcuts

Anyone who has ever needed to print a screenshot of something on their computer knows that the Print Screen button is one of the most common tools on the keyboard. But what you may not know is that there are other keyboard shortcuts you can use to print screenshots in windows 10, as well as windows 11.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the different keyboard shortcuts you can use to capture screenshots in windows 10 and windows 11, and explain what each of them does. We’ll also highlight the Snipping Tool (which is new to windows 11) and Snip & Sketch tool (which is new to windows 10), and explain how they can be used for screenshotting.

Finally, we’ll provide a conclusion about all of these keyboard shortcuts, and tell you which ones we think are the best for taking screenshots in windows 10 and windows 11.

The Print Screen button

Screenshot windows 10 keyboard shortcuts Taking screenshots can be a handy way to capture important moments or share your ideas with others. The Print Screen button is located in the lower-left corner of most Windows 10 screens, and keyboard shortcuts can be used to capture entire screens or selected parts of them. If you want to save your screenshot as an image file, click on it once it’s been taken and choose File > Save As….

The Windows key + Print Screen

Print screen windows 10 is a great way to capture screenshots of the active window and share them with your team or clients. To print screen windows 10, just press the Windows key + Print Screen key combination. This will take a screenshot of the active window and paste it into any document or program.

You can also print screen windows 10 by using the shortcut keyboard command. So, next time you need to capture a screenshot, don’t miss out on this great keyboard shortcut!

Alt + Print Screen

If you’re ever in a bind and need to print screen windows 10, you can do so with the keyboard shortcut Alt + Print Screen. This will capture any part of your screen and print it out for easy reference. If you ever need to revert back to the original window, just release the Alt key and press Window + Prt Scrn again. Finally, if you want to save the screenshot to your computer, pressCtrl + S to take a screenshot of your entire screen.

The Snip & Sketch tool in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with a nifty tool called Snip & Sketch. This tool can be accessed by pressing “Ctrl + Print Screen” and your windows will be captured on the screen! This is great for making quick notes or taking screenshots without ever having to leave your desk! If you need to printscreen windows 10 without the keyboard shortcut, there’s a special tool called Snip & Sketch.

This tool allows you to capture windows by snipping them with the cursor and sketching on them with the cursor. This is perfect for making quick sketches or taking quick notes. So, whether you’re looking for a keyboard shortcut or a special tool to capture windows without the mouse, Snip & Sketch is the perfect tool for you, recommendation by!

The Snipping Tool in Windows 11

Print screen windows 10 is a handy tool for capturing screenshots and screen shots. To print screen windows 10 with keyboard shortcuts, open the window you want to capture. You can then paste the image into a document or email it as desired!

To capture the entire screen, use the Snipping Tool (Windows key + O) and select the area of the window you want to capture. Keep in mind that the Snipping Tool only captures windows that are currently active, so be sure to select the window you want before clicking ‘snip.’


This blog has shown you how to print screen windows 10 with keyboard shortcuts. By following the instructions provided, you will be able to capture your screen as a screenshot or snip it for future reference. This is an essential tool for anyone who needs to capture windows screen shots or snip out windows snippets for later use. Thanks for reading!